Anne Marie Kors

Anne Marie Kors (1982, Netherlands) is a singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of a pop band that was established on Bonaire in 2013. Music has always been an important factor in Anne Marie’s life. Throughout her childhood she sang in numerous choirs, starting at the age of 5. At the age of 14 she sang in the national youth choir in Carnegie Hall, New York. Besides singing she has taught herself to play guitar in order to accompany herself when writing music.

Anne Marie always sang and played amongst friends, but never publicly. After moving to Bonaire in 2012, Anne Marie decided to take the stage and did so under the experienced wing of guitar player Benji Schaub. It was due to his guidance and experience that Anne Marie found her confidence in performing.

What started out as a chance musical encounter turned into a continuing collaboration when the two musicians started playing and writing music together. They immediately recognized they supplemented each other very well: Where Benji knows how to bring in ‘da funk’ and his Rock/Jazz background, Anne Marie adds in deeply-meant-lyrics and the soulful lows of her voice. Together with the input of internationally active professionals Gabriel Mercera (drums), Jasper Blokzijl (keys) and Pierre Dunker (bass), this resulted in an original and honest pop music project, with singles such as ‘Rise Above’, ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Perfect Morning’.
Every recording by this band was done at Island Music's recording studio on Bonaire (owned/operated by Benji Schaub), making their tunes unique and genuinely personal production pieces.