Oscar D'León

Oscar D'León is a Grammy Award winning salsa musician from Venezuela. He had a strong interest in percussion ever since he was a child, improvising bass parts with his throat while playing Latin rhythms with his hands on any available surface. Later he took interest in the upright bass and acquired a reputation for being a solid bass player, clever improviser (he would improvise entire songs on the spot), humorous entertainer and dynamic singer (he used to dance with a double bass onstage while singing, a not-so-subtle physical feat).

In the 1970s he created the band La Salsa Mayor and later La Crítica. During the 1980s D'León became one of the most successful singers of Salsa music worldwide. He refined his image by shaving his head and growing his trademark mustache. In 2012, Oscar became part of a collective of singers called The Salsa Giants, united by producer Sergio George. They first performed during the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. The CD (and DVD) of this concert was released in 2013 and won a Grammy Award for best tropical latin album.