The Original Wailers

In 1974 when Bob Marley went solo, on the brink of international stardom, he surprised the music community by choosing as his lead guitarist the soft spoken, American-born Al Anderson. It was Anderson's stunning lead work on such classics as No Woman, No Cry, Dem Belly Full and Curfew (Three O'Clock Road Block) that first alerted rock fans to the Wailers' music. Over a billion dollars worth of Marley’s music featuring Al Anderson's evocative guitar work has been sold worldwide. Al has also played with the legendary Peter Tosh, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Aswad and Inner Circle.

Al Anderson is the sole member of the Wailers mid-1970s line-up currently playing in The Original Wailers. The reformed configuration now includes Chet Samuals (Vocals/Guitar), Rohan Reid (Bass Guitar), Howard Smith (Drums) and Marty Batista (Keyboards and Organ) that carry forward the true spirit and realities of the original music and the message of "One Love".