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Kaña Brabu

Kaña Brabu was founded on March 8th 2004. Their intention was to play at the song festival of the “Dia di Rincon” which is the biggest folkloric event on the island of Bonaire. After winning the festival great things were about to happen to this newly founded group. In this same year they were awarded with the “Nochi di Wiri” award. In 2005 they won the festival of the “Dia di Rincon” again and were also awarded with the “Nochi di Kitara” award. Kaña Brabu went to Aruba to represent the island of Bonaire in the event “San Juan Dera Gai”. Back on Bonaire they launched there first CD and introduced the “Kaña Brabu” Award. In 2006 “Kaña Brabu” went to Curaçao to participate in the folkloric events of the island. In February of 2007 they played at the opening of the biggest event in Curaçao which is the Tumba festival. In the same year they launched their second CD which became a huge success in Curaçao and Aruba with the song “Laga Nan” which means: “leave them”. In 2008 Kaña Brabu launched a live CD recording. In 2009 they won the festival of the “Dia di Rincon” again. This year 2010 the group is celebrating their 6th anniversary and has become one of the most popular folkloric groups of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.