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Merietza Haakmat & Hershel Rosario ft. Lonte Conradus

Merietza Haakmat the young singing talent was born and raised on the island of St. Maarten. In 1989 she left for Curaçao and was a member of various dance and music groups, showcasing her dance and singing talent. She has performed on 3 occasions for members of Dutch Royal family and also with many of Curaçao's international artists. Along with Hershel Rosario on the guitar, an interesting musical duo was born in August 2002, with their main focus being on beautiful songs of old in Papiamentu. Riveting performances followed such as: The Dutch Royal Couple's visit to Curaçao, Winternachten 2005 - Krusa Laman Literary Festival and the 100th Anniversary of Papiamentu in Poetry & Literature. Hereafter an invitation was extended to perform at the famous Winternachten International Literary Festival, the Koningklijke Schouwburg and live radio performances in January 2006 in The Hague. A grand performance - dubbed the Caribbean Song - was given with pieces by, among others, Julio Perenal (1940's protest songs) and Joseph Sigmund Corsen (poet and author of the first literary poem in Papiamentu). At the 6th Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival Merietza and Hershel will be accompanied by percussionist Lonte Conradus.