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Silver Bullet Steelband

This group started in 1967 with some youngsters from the village Tera Kora on Bonaire. Mr. Franklin Scherptong has been their musical director since that time. They play in the larger hotels of the island and are a part of the promotional team for tourism on Bonaire. They have also preformed in other countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Orlando, Florida. The repertoire consists of instrumental melody of local and Caribbean songs. At this moment The Silver Bullets have eleven musicians with a high degree of discipline that are eager for new experiences. Musicians: Nilda Emerenciana on double tenor, Jeamarilia Emerenciana on first pan, Egilio Goeloe on first pan, Jeffry Scherptong on second pan, Richinel Anthony on cello, Basilio Anthony on percussion, Judell Emerenciana on drums, Mark Mercera on wiri (raspa), Julius Janga on timbales, Envo Trinidad on drums and Felix Mercera on bass guitar.