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Island Music All-Stars

This high-powered band, specifically hand-selected from some of the best local and international musicians, is without a doubt the hardest working bunch of the 2011 Heineken Bonaire Jazz Festival! Passionate about delivering exciting entertainment coupled with genuine artistic expression, the IM All-Stars convincingly present styles ranging from driving, up-tempo Rock to lavish jazz ballads. The gifted individuals comprising this project assembled by band leader Benji Schaub are:

Evert Bleijenberg, drums. Having started drumming at the tender age of 8, he has virtually covered the entire spectrum of popular music. Starting with Pop, Rock, Dance & Soul he eventually found his way into the Blues & Jazz scene and played in bands like One Way Trouble and Greenwood Jazz. Later he developed a preference for Funk/Fusion and played sessions with Hans Dulfer, Jan Akkerman and Hans Soeterman. These days, Evert is an indispensable member of the local music scene, and with his great technique and uncanny ability to drive the band from the back seat, so to speak, he's the beating heart of the Island Music All-Stars!

José Croeze, bass. A native of Aruba, José started playing when he was only 13 years old, and since then has become an integral part of the pro music scene on his “One Happy Island”. He's played major Latin music festivals in Venezuela, delivered classy entertainment as musical director at Señor Frog's house band "Crazy Frogs" on Aruba and played regularly with "The Carlos Bislip Jazz Collective" and members of Irakere. He has been accepted into the elite Amsterdam Conservatory in 2009 and is currently following studies there, enabling him to deliver sophisticated jazz solos and lay down an earth-shaking Funk foundation equally masterfully.

Eduard de Vries, tenor saxophone: Eduard is a true “World Child”, a roaming spirit gifted with adding his unmistakeable touch to any musical project he undertakes. Educated in Amsterdam by Efraim Trujillo, he quickly found himself playing hard-hitting Funk/Soul and Reggae in various projects around town. His specialty, however, is North African Raï, and having played with such greats as Kasba, Cheb Douzi and Fattah Amraoui for many years and on large-scale festivals in Morocco and The Netherlands have made him into an expert improviser with a fine ear and a wonderfully full and defined tone.

Thomas Finke, piano: His peers label him "Surely Berlin's best Rhodes player!", but Thomas' raw talent goes much, much further than that. French born, he's been playing keys all over Europe forever; and having studied at Arnhem's renowned Messiaen Academy under masters such as Rob van den Broek enables him to function professionally in a wide variety of musical landscapes, such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Big Band, art performances and theater. Pairing stunning virtuosity with cerebral, sensitive taste and a vast knowledge of complex harmony, he transforms any performance into something closely resembling magic.

Benji Schaub, guitar: From his humble beginnings on the wooden recorder at the age of 5, through playing the violin and singing Handel's and Bach’s sacral choral music for many years, Benji finally arrived at being a masterful jazz/rock/funk guitarist. Enabled by studies at Arnhem Conservatory, private studies with German fusion guru Werner Neumann and countless hours in long forgotten heavy metal hellholes as a teenager, he is now a full-time, self employed virtuoso musician and teacher with a strong sense of style. His energetic, thrusting but fluid style lends a unique quality to his performances.

Nina Strnad, vocals: A European phenomenon, Slovenia-born Nina is one of the fast-rising stars of the continental jazz circuit. Having toured extensively with the European Jazz Orchestra recently, she was also the featured vocalist for the RTV Slovenia Big Band and Big Band DOM. Her voice must be heard to be believed, a pure, sweet but powerful tone delivered with flawless technique, intonation and phrasing. And Nina being an artist featured during the main events of the festival, the Island Music All-Stars are glad and honored to be able to borrow her incredible talent for the After Party Jam Sessions on Thursday and Friday nights for some sophisticated Jazz and Brazilian music.

Merietza Haakmat, vocals: Born on St. Maarten, Merietza is a true child of the Caribbean. With her unique abundance of energy, both in her beautiful voice and engaging stage presence, she has won many prestigious awards and performed in a variety of high-profile settings internationally. Profoundly fluent in the styles native to her home on Curaçao, she has in recent years progressed into a full-blown Jazz/Soul singer with a larger-than-life voice and smile. The Island Music All-Stars are pleased to employ her in her lesser known role as resident Disco Queen, when on Saturday night she will transform the After Party dance floor into a steaming hot witches' cauldron of frenzied Groovin' and Shakin'! Yeah baby!!