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Tickets will be sold at:
Addo's Bookstore, Flamingo Bookstore, Hotel Rochaline, It Rains Fishes, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Little Havana and Sense.

Your reserved tickets will be available at
concert entrance until 7 pm.


Ticket information

Tickets for the event will be for sale as of mid June, 2012 at several locations on Bonaire. If you want to reserve tickets, just drop us an email at and we will be in contact with you.

The admission price for the opening and Jazz & Poultry night on Friday, July 27 will be US$ 15.
The ticket price for the main concert on Saturday, July 28 will be US$ 50.
Admission to the Bonaire Jam Fest on Sunday afternoon will be free of charge.

Frankie Yanga

Frankie Yanga
Born in New York

Frankie start in music at the age of 7 as a singer and after switch To the bass guitar and study music at Rotterdam’s Music school in Holland Frankie has upgraded his self by buying music education books, listening and transcribing songs from different styles of music. And decided to go to Los Angeles Hollywood, where he attended at the Musicians institute Hollywood, where he graduated with honors. Frankie Yanga, assigned as educator practicing different kind of Techniques and improvisations at the Cas di cultura Rufo wever Music school in Aruba After eight years of experience Frankie Yanga has continue in sharing his skills as a bass instructor and directing Ensemble bands now at the Fundacion Desaroyo Comonitario Music school of Aruba In the year 2011decided to open his own Music school El Shadai

Completing the prescribe Training of the developing the knowledge, skills awareness and self-confidence essential to the pursuance of career as a bassist. Frankie Yanga has performed with many bands in Europe covering many styles And with the well known Dutch Entertainer Lee Towers.

After his Dutch experience, He moved to Hollywood California Where he performed with a Brazilian group in the Palm hotel on Franklin Street. During his education at MI he has sat in with Scot Henderson and Joe Dioro,as well as several Big Bands at MI

Frankie returned to the West Indies, where he hooked up with Several musicians in Curacao, where he was the bass player of the group Jazz Expression. also as freelance bassist in clubs Continue to Aruba where he lives at the moment, Has gig with almost all musicians that are active in Aruba, performing in the hotels and Playing concerts as well, and conducting workshops in the Caribbean. Frankie Yanga has performed at St Lucia jazz festival, Aruba and Bonaire jazz festivals At the moment Frankie Yanga is working as a soloist and singer in restaurants and private functions, and also performing with the jazz trio at the Divi links Frankie is also composing his own material.