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Tickets will be sold at:
Addo's Bookstore, Flamingo Bookstore, Hotel Rochaline, It Rains Fishes, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Little Havana and Sense.

Your reserved tickets will be available at
concert entrance until 7 pm.


Ticket information

Tickets for the event will be for sale as of mid June, 2012 at several locations on Bonaire. If you want to reserve tickets, just drop us an email at and we will be in contact with you.

The admission price for the opening and Jazz & Poultry night on Friday, July 27 will be US$ 15.
The ticket price for the main concert on Saturday, July 28 will be US$ 50.
Admission to the Bonaire Jam Fest on Sunday afternoon will be free of charge.

Rina Mushonga

Rina Mushonga first took to the lively stages of Harare (Zimbabwe) armed only with her guitar and a handful of songs. Now, 13 years later, she has brought her candid and intense voice and music to the four corners of the globe; performing everywhere from street corners to clubs and festivals in countries as diverse as Australia and Eritrea to name but a few.

Marked by her colourful background (half Zimbabwean, half Dutch) and passion for travel, Rina has soaked in the sounds of her time and brought her dynamic and melodic spin to a music that will slip into your speakers nicely. Noted for her distinct vocal arrangements, harmonies and inspiring melodies, the imprints of her everyday life are fused into intelligent lyrics and expressed with a fervour and honesty that punctures every note.

Recently relocated to Amsterdam by the crowdfunding agency ‘Africa Unsigned’, Rina has been on a whirlwind national radio tour, performed throughout Europe and has also managed to reach her crowdfunding target of $5000 in a record 6 weeks. Response from the Dutch press and public has already been overwhelming in this short period of time and so we can only imagine what the future holds.

Performances on Dutch national radio, a fully booked summer tour and a spot in the semi-finals of Holland’s oldest and best known band-slam the ‘Grote Prijs van Nederland’ are already an indicator of her music’s overwhelming impact on people.

With the release of her single ‘All my Ships’ and the recent release of her ‘All my ships’ EP, Rina Mushonga is set to share her music with as many people as possible.

  • "The most moved I’ve been by a girl with guitar in a very long time..."
    Giel Beelen (Dutch 3fm radio DJ)
  • "A FLAWLESS one-hour performance by Dutch-Zimbabwean Rina Mushonga... won the hearts of many fans... leaving the audience clamoring for more."
  • "BREAKING new ground to create new sound."

Keep following her intruiging journey as she positions herself for world domination.