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Tickets will be sold at:
Addo's Bookstore, Flamingo Bookstore, Hotel Rochaline, It Rains Fishes, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Little Havana and Sense.

Your reserved tickets will be available at
concert entrance until 7 pm.


Ticket information

Tickets for the event will be for sale as of mid June, 2013 at several locations on Bonaire. If you want to reserve tickets, just drop us an email at and we will be in contact with you.

The prices are as follow;
Friday, August 2nd USD 15.
Saturday, August 3rd USD 50. Sunday, August 4th USD 25.

'Passpartout' for all the three days will be USD 75.

Andreina Marcano Gonzalez

Andreina Marcano Gonzalez, was born in Maracay, Venezuela. Coming from a family of renowned classical musicians, she started her musical career at a very early age, playing secondary percussion instruments, violin and participating in different choirs which gave her the motivation to continue her singing career.

She graduated in Caracas, Venezuela in Hotel Management which led her in 1994 to the island of Bonaire. Here she started within the Salsa Music world with The Salsa Orchestra named “Orecuma”, as a vocalist.

Inspired and motivated by her friend and musician, Carlos Jimenez, she was introduced into the world of Jazz, Latin and Brazilian music, having her first performance in 2001 with a group of Bonaire named, “DiKazz” and became a huge success. After being lead singer of “The Latin Jazz Quartet” She and Carlos Jimenez started a new ensemble named “Cabaco Trio”. Her ….years of experience led her to the opportunity of performing with the famous Dutch musician’s Kor Bakker and Michiel Borstlap.

Andreina’s tuned and smooth voice, together with her energy has captivated the public of Bonaire in different performances, including the Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival in 2009 which again was huge success.

This year she will be performing again in the Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival 2013, with a new ensemble. As a very talented vocalist Andreina Marcano Gonzales is looking forward performing for all of you and here fans.